A Data Nugget From Jacob’s Media Techsurvey 2019 At Worldwide Radio Summit 2019


Fred Knows What You Need To Know

JACOBS MEDIA’s TECHSURVEY 2019 will have its debut at the upcoming WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2019 at 11a THURSDAY, MARCH 28.  It consists of more than 50,000 respondents, representing well more than 500 radio stations across NORTH AMERICA.

The surveys were completed in JANUARY and FEBRUARY.  THE JACOBS MEDIA team has been busily compiling the data and searching for new insights.

One of the big topics – in and out of radio circles – is the health of FACEBOOK.  Various research studies reveal FACEBOOK has suffered erosion.  Yet, data from the company suggest otherwise.

Knowing that attitudes and opinions toward FACEBOOK would be a hot topic this year, we included questions about the world’s largest social network, specifically about intent to delete their accounts for reasons ranging from privacy, controversy, or just because.  

Here’s a sneak peek at one of the key data points about FACEBOOK from the study: 

Many people are considering deleting their FACEBOOK accounts, largely because of privacy concerns.

JACOBS MEDIA Pres. FRED JACOBS, who will present this year’s TECHSURVEY at WWRS 2019, commented, “FACEBOOK is still the big dog, but privacy concerns are becoming a bigger issue among its members.  Still, half our sample tell us they’ll stay with FACEBOOK, and that privacy is not a big issue for them.” 

TECHSURVEY focuses on new media, gadgetry, and platforms, with deep dives this year into smart speakers and podcasting.  It also uncovers consumer habits and trends – like holiday shopping, news burnout, station merchandise, and even perceptions about so-called “fake news.”  

JACOBS concluded, “FACEBOOK isn’t the only company dealing with privacy issues.  Other findings in this year’s survey point to growing concerns about consumers’ information and how it is used.  Join us for the full presentation at the WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2019, MARCH 27-29 at CASTAWAY in BURBANK, with the TECHSURVEY 2019 reveal on THURSDAY March 28 at 11a. Hope to see you there.”

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