A Goodbye In Washington, D.C. On WRQX (Mix 107.3)



CUMULUS Hot AC WRQX (MIX 107.3)/WASHINGTON, D.C. is another station being sold to EMF, and morning star JACK DIAMOND is paying tribute to the station this morning. You can listen here.

He wrote on his FACEBOOK page, “In everything in life, there is always a final day. Today is the final day in the storied 30 year history of MIX 107.3 as host of THE JACK DIAMOND SHOW. Will pay homage and celebrate the legacy of the many greats who worked on Q107 and for the past 30 years on THE JACK DIAMOND SHOW. It’s been an incredible run by a remarkable staff powered by you. You! If you hadn’t listened, if you aren’t listening, none of this matters.

CUMULUS VP/Hot AC and WRQX PD ROB ROBERTS told ALL ACCESS, “Today we got to celebrate the legacy of 107.3 in D.C. and bring back some of the greatest talents of its past. I am so proud and grateful that everyone accepted our invite to come on and talk with JACK about what he, his show, and this station means to them. Love and emotions ran high, and it was a pleasure to be a part of it all. It’s hard to say good bye, but executing an amazing send out like today, makes it easier.”

Guests were:

  • BARBARA BRITT – 1st cohost of JACK’s at MIX
  • RICK FOWLER – Q107 Music Director & Promotions Director
  • UNCLE JOHNNY – Q107 night person 
  • DUDE WALKER & DOUG LIMERICK – Q107 Mornings. They haven’t been on the air together in 40 years
  • ELLIOT & WOODSIDE (JIM ELLIOT & SCOTT WOODSIDE) – Q107 Mornings. They haven’t been together since ’86
  • CECILY KNOBLER – JACK’s movie reviewer of 15 years
  • LOO KATZ – did Afternoons on MIX in the 90s
  • JOE THEISMANN – REDSKINS Super Bowl Winner
  • Phone girl LAYLA GIBBONS and JACK’s former EP JEFF SHAMROCK – they are now MARRIED with a baby! Met on the JDMS
  • ALY JACOBS – former producer met her husband through the JDMS
  • Comedian BOB MARLEY – frequent guest of the JDMS
  • CHILLI AMAR – former co-host of 12 years with JACK 
  • MARC ROBERGE – Lead singer of OAR
  • CAROL PARKER – former Music Director of MIX
  • KRISTIE MCINTYRE – did 2 stints at MIX 107.3 and would fill in on the JDMS
  • CAROL PARKER – former Music Director of MIX 107.3
  • BILLY BUSH – former competitor of JACK’s in the 90s on Z104. 
  • KEITH MORRISON of DATELINE NBC – one of our favorite guests
Dude Walker, Jack Diamond, Doug Limerick

You can hear the entire final JACK DIAMOND show here

Well Wishes From WASH

Across the street, iHEARTMEDIA AC WASH/WASHINGTON, D.C. morning duo of TOBY KNAPP and CHILLI AMAR wished their MIX peers the best:

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