A$AP Rocky Released From Jail To Await Assault Trial Verdict In Sweden


A$AP Rocky (Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock.com)

A Swedish judge has ordered the release of rapper A$AP ROCKY and two co-defendants from jail while they await a verdict on the rapper’s assault charges, the NY TIMES reports. The rapper (real name: RAKIM MAYERS) was arrested JULY 3rd after a physical confrontation with a man on the streets of STOCKHOLM (NET NEWS, 7.25); a verdict is expected in two weeks.

Swedish authorities ordered ROCKY to remain in jail as a flight risk before and during his trial. Once it ended on FRIDAY, the judge ordered the release — and did not require ROCKY or his two co-defendants, BLADIMIR CORNIEL and DAVID RISPERS, to remain in SWEDEN.

In his closing arguments on FRIDAY, a prosecutor argued that ROCKY be found guilty of assault and then sentenced to six months in jail because the rapper “had no justification” for attacking 19-year-old MUSTAFA JAFARI. ROCKY testified that he acted in self-defense when he threw, punched and kicked JAFARI, and contended he, along with bodyguards CORNIEL and RISPERS, used reasonable force against someone who had been following them and refusing their entreaties to leave them alone.

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