Coleman Insights Contemporary Music Study Reveals Pop’s Strong Cross-Genre Appeal


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COLEMAN INSIGHTS is releasing the results of a new research project, “The Contemporary Music SuperStudy,” which examines the current appetite for contemporary music among 1,000 12-54 year olds across the UNITED STATES and CANADA. 

The study measures the appeal of the most consumed songs of 2018 as reported by NIELSEN MUSIC/BDSradio based on radio airplay, streaming and sales data. The second entry in a four-part blog series, “There’s a Reason They Call It Pop Music,” reveals that among fans of each of the six contemporary genres tested in the study—Hip Hop/R&B, Country, Dance/Electronic, Alternative/Rock, Pop and Latin¬—Pop is the one genre that over-performs relative to the total evaluation average.  

According to COLEMAN INSIGHTS Pres. WARREN KURTZMAN, “There’s a reason why they call it Pop music. It’s not only popular overall, it’s the one sound that fans of other styles also find appealing. For example, while fans of Hip Hop/R&B generally don’t like Country songs and Country fans don’t rate most Hip Hop/R&B titles highly, both groups of fans also like a lot of Pop music. Pop music is the glue that connects all of the major genres of contemporary music.”

COLEMAN INSIGHTS will release additional findings from its Contemporary Music SuperStudy in upcoming TUESDAYS With COLEMAN blog posts, including how consumers’ contemporary music tastes vary by age, gender, where they live, how they consume music and whether they have a positive or negative impression of President DONALD TRUMP.

COLEMAN INSIGHTS will present a deeper look at the study in an upcoming webinar, “The Contemporary Music SuperStudy Deep Dive,” which will take place between 2-3p (EDT) on TUESDAY, APRIL 30th. Registration is now open for the webinar here.

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