Coleman Insights Posts Findings Of ‘Contemporary Music SuperStudy’


4-Part Blog Series

After its initial debut at the WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT (NET NEWS, 3/29), COLEMAN INSIGHTS is revealing more results of its new research project, “The Contemporary Music SuperStudy,” which examines the current appetite for contemporary music among 1,000 12-54-year-olds across the U.S. and CANADA, in its TUESDAYS WITH COLEMAN blog. The first entry in a four-part blog series, “The Current State of Contemporary Music,” found that Hip Hop/R&B and Pop are both the most-consumed genres and the genres that invoke the most passion — but that Hip-Hop/R&B is significantly polarizing. 

“This helps explain why deciding which Hip-Hop/R&B songs to play on Pop formats can be a tricky proposition,” COLEMAN INSIGHTS Pres. WARREN KURTZMAN said. “A programmer has to determine whether strong passion as well as factors like streaming data outweigh the negatives, which can be a high percentage of Dislike A Lot scores.”  

The study also found, compared to the overall test list, that Alternative/Rock also over-performs with passion scores, while Country, Dance/Electronic and Latin underperform.  

In future blog posts, the study will reveal which contemporary songs are the best and worst testers; which two music styles do not go together; how scores change based on your age, gender, where you live and whether you’re a radio listener or a streamer; the taste differences between TRUMP supporters and detractors, and the one song that’s most loved by both.

“Music tests are usually conducted with high degrees of audience focus, including age, gender and format,” KURTZMAN said. “This is a broad look at the current appetite for contemporary music.”

Finally, COLEMAN INSIGHTS will present “The Contemporary Music SuperStudy Deep Dive” webinar on TUESDAY, APRIL 30th from 2-3p ET. Registration is now open for the webinar here.

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