Hubbard Radio Pres./COO Drew Horowitz To Retire


Drew Horowitz

HUBBARD Chairman/CEO GINNY MORRIS has sent an in-house e-mail announcing the retirement of HUBBARD RADIO Pres./COO DREW HOROWITZ at the end of the year.

“DREW came to HUBBARD RADIO as a part of our transformational acquisition of four BONNEVILLE markets in 2011,” MORRIS  wrote. “Since that time, DREW has been instrumental in helping us further grow the company as we added clusters in PHOENIX and SEATTLE, bolstered our cluster in ST. LOUIS and most recently, acquired our operations in WEST PALM BEACH. … Like me, I know that each of you has appreciated working with and getting to know DREW both professionally and personally … I absolutely know that each of us has learned a great deal from DREW and not just about radio, business and leadership. I know that DREW has touched and helped many of us personally as well as professionally.”

HOROWITZ’s radio career spanned 43 years, including 19 with BONNEVILLE. He joined HUBBARD RADIO in JANUARY 2011 after it acquired BONNEVILLE’s 17 radio stations in WASHINGTON, DC, CHICAGO, ST. LOUIS and CINCINNATI.

“I’ve loved working with the HUBBARD family,” HOROWITZ told ROBERT FEDER. “They’ve been nothing but wonderful to me. Thank God we have people like the HUBBARDS still in broadcasting and doing business in the right way. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to work for them.”

“DREW is a wise and generous leader and it has been an honor to be able to work alongside him for the last eight years,” MORRIS concluded in her e-mail. “We will be celebrating DREW in the coming months and we will be in ‘business as usual’ mode until further notice.”

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