Susy Schultz Named Executive Director Of The Broadcast Museum


Susy Schultz (Photo: Twitter)

CHICAGO journalist SUSY SCHULTZ has been tapped to lead the MUSEUM OF BROADCAST COMMUNICATIONS as as Executive Director. 

ROBERT FEDER reports, “effective AUGUST 19th, she will succeed JULIAN JACKSON, who resigned in MARCH. Since 2013, SCHULTZ has been President of PUBLIC NARRATIVE (formerly COMMUNITY MEDIA WORKSHOP), the nonprofit community media training organization.” 

“SUSY is experienced in developing and implementing innovative programs with key stakeholders,” said Museum Board Cahir DAVID PLIER. “She also has demonstrated the ability to initiate and foster robust partnerships and strategic alliances with community, journalists, sponsors and donors.” 

SCHULTZ said, “I look forward to working with the board in developing a strong curriculum to discuss the history, the impact and the relevance of broadcast and digital media. CHICAGO has and always will be integral to the history and future of television, radio and beyond.”

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