Westwood One Blog Shows Middays Stronger Than Mornings And Afternoons


Perception Vs. Reality

This week’s WESTWOOD ONE blog post takes on the common misperception among advertisers that most radio listening occurs during “drive times.” Using Advertiser Perceptions survey data from marketer and agency professionals and comparing it with NIELSEN data, the truth is revealed – middays actually see the highest share of audio time spent.

  • Perception: Advertisers estimate more than half of all AM/FM radio listening happens during “drive times.” According to Advertiser Perceptions, advertisers and agencies believe 28% of listening occurs during weekday morning drive, 6-10a, followed by MONDAY-FRIDAY afternoon drive, 3-7p, at 24%.
  • NIELSEN reality: Middays are #1 and weekend listening is greater than suspected. The highest share of time spent among adults 25-54 is middays, 10a-3p (26%). Morning (21%) and afternoon (21%) drive times are also strong. Despite advertisers believing only 13% of all listening occurs during the weekend, the NIELSEN reality is actually 21%.
  • Adding dayparts at the same media weight significantly grows reach. For one advertiser, adding PM drive, middays, nights, and weekends grows reach from 22% to 33%, an incremental boost of +54%.

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