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Vote Your Choices To Win At WWRS 2019

WWRS 2019 Industry Award Voting ends this SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 10th. Time for you to step into the voting booth right there on your computer or smartphone and cast your votes! Thousand and thousands of your reader-driven nominations have been finalized and the voting for THE WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2019 INDUSTRY AWARDS is now underway, brought to you by MUSICMASTER! It’s time for you to vote on the Top 5 Finalists — the best of the best — in each of 23 categories. Remember, WWRS 2018 winners are ineligible to win again this year!

MUSICMASTER “Radio For Good” Awards Announced

Across the nation, radio continues to positively impact our communities – bringing people together not just for news and entertainment, but at times, to make a difference in our world. MUSICMASTER is proud to recognize both an organization and an individual who have shown extraordinary commitment to serve their communities and unite listeners in support of local or national efforts and charitable causes. Be there to see who wins this award and these:

13 DOMESTIC RADIO AWARDSRadio Company Of The Year, Radio Company Exec, Radio Company Sr. Programmer, Radio Company Online Exec, Station Of The Year, Station Exec, Station Programmer, Station MD, Station Air Talent, VO/Imaging, Production, Online Presence, Consultant Of The Year.

6 DOMESTIC MUSIC AWARDS — Label Of The Year (major), Label (indie), Label Exec (major), Label Exec (indie), Artist Of The Year (major), Artist Of The Year (indie)

3 INTERNATIONAL AWARDS — Radio Group Of The Year, Program Director/Controller, and International Arist Of The Year.

Click here to vote, now until 11:59p on SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 10th.

THE WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2019 INDUSTRY AWARDS will be handed out to the best of the best in Domestic Radio and Music, as well as International Radio and Music during the AWARDS LUNCHEON on FRIDAY, MAY 4th. sponsored by MUSICMASTER! Please vote in as many or as few award categories as you wish. You may change your votes by revisiting the voting page and submitting your updated choices at any time until the submission deadline of 11:59p on SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 10th.

Don’t forget to hit the “Submit Ballot” button at the bottom of the page to make your votes count!

Make Your Plans To Attend Now

Hundreds of your peers in radio, music and technology are already locked in for THE WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2019, MARCH 27, 28, 29 at CASTAWAY in BURBANK, presented by ALL ACCESS and A&R WORLDWIDE. Please save the date and make and finalize your plans now. Be a part of this historic radio event, bringing the brightest minds from around the world — in radio, social media, and the music business — together for one purpose — to ensure radio’s bright future with cutting edge thinking.

THE WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2019 kicks off on MARCH 27th with a Charity Golf Tourney at DEBELLE GOLF COURSE, benefitting MUSICIANS ON CALL and RIA’s RISING STARS FOUNDATION.  Then that’s followed by a terrific welcome party at CASTAWAY, featuring three hit bands, lots of great food, wine and cocktails!

Then WWRS 2019 offers two full days of cutting edge sessions — not the same old stuff. Two breakfasts, two lunches, two more cocktail parties, and two more nights of entertainment featuring some of the hottest new bands from around the U.S. and around the world.

WWRS 2019 is the place to be — MARCH 27, 28, 29!  It will easily be our biggest event yet with the greatest opportunities to advance your career!  WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2019 has more great names in management, programming, music and social/digital joining our speakers’ lineup everyday! 

Hundreds of your peers in Radio, Music, Social/Digital from across the US and around the globe will be gathering for the 9th Annual WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT at CASTAWAY in BURBANK, presented by ALL ACCESS and A&R WORLDWIDE.  

Attend WWRS – Give Yourself A Personal Present – An Investment In Your Career!

Register now and experience all of the learning opportunities and the fun of networking and meeting new contacts at WWRS 2019. Save 15% when you book five or more from the same station/cluster or companyBook discounted rooms at any of three nearby hotels with free shuttles to and from CASTAWAY, and save up to 10% when you fly DELTA.  Just use Travel Code NMSJL.

Lock In Your Plans To Attend WWRS 2018, Now!

Make your plans now, to attend the most anticipated annual radio, music, social/digital conferenceWORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2018, all designed to keep radio moving forward.

  • There are now more than 80 confirmed speakers already set to share their knowledge with you at WWRS 2019.
  • If you haven’t made your plans to attend WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2019 yet, now is the time to do so!

Here Is What You Need To Know About Getting Registered To Join Us At WWRS 2019

Lock in your WWRS 2019 plans now and see two amazing days of creative, cutting edge learning sessions by some of the best speakers in their spaces — radio, music, social/digital and more … it’s only $495 and is a great investment in your career. In addition there are breakfasts and lunches each day, plus three cocktail parties where you’ll have free-flowing drinks and dine on delicious food, plus hear some great live music.

And this year, a WWRS 2019 first – a charity Golf Tounament at DEBELLE GOLF COURSE, next to CASTAWAY, benefitting MUSICIANS ON CALL and RIA’s RISING STARS FOUNDATION on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27th. Details on how to sign up, coming soon!

And now, here is your WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2019 AGENDA:

Three great bands, free flowing cocktails, beer & wine and delicious food — A must-attend!

(WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2019 registration required to attend)


OPENING KEYNOTE – “Investing In Air Talent – The Key To Keeping Radio Vital & Valuable”

When listeners choose broadcast radio platforms, they are choosing a personalized entertainment source hosted by someone that they can relate to and bond with–an air talent who has more to say than the calls, their name, time, and how far away the next music sweep is. It’s what separates radio from streaming platforms … and air talent helps drive big revenue. Come listen to some of the biggest personalities on the radio and learn why air talent matters.


FRED JACOBS TECHSURVEY 2019 – Media, Technology, & Disruption:  Where Radio Is Headed

JACOBS MEDIA President FRED JACOBS mashes up his company’s research with his annual visit to CES to present a lean-forward look at radio’s future.  FRED will review some of the key findings from TECHSURVEY 2019, as well as lay out some of the key trends and technologies shaping the radio broadcasting industry. It’s a must-see, must-attend presentation, exclusively at WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2019.


BENZTOWN’s IRON IMAGER CONTEST – the head-to-head live audio imaging competition where radio imaging professionals battle it out for the title of WORLD’S BEST IMAGER – will return for its 8th year. 

There is a brand new competitive format for this year’s battle. While the folks at BENZTOWN were very hush-hush about it, President DAVE “CHACHI” DENES promised that it would be the biggest, baddest and nerdiest Iron Imager Contest ever!

THE IRON IMAGER CONTEST is open to all radio imaging, production and programming professionals 18 and older, and will be judged by top producers and programmers from the U.S. and around the world. Sign-ups will begin FEBRUARY 2019.


NIELSEN AUDIO – “How Dynamic Air Talent Redefine, Reshape Listening Patterns”  

What do today’s Millennials and Gen-Z’s want from radio personalities?  And how can growing those localized franchises benefit audience numbers and profitability? We’ll explore current reality and where things need to be for the next decade of prosperity.

Join us at CASTAWAY for a refreshing break in the action for a delicious luncheon, plus music and a few surprises. More details, soon!


ON THE HORIZON: What Will Shape Your Success This Year? 

With changes in radio usage–54% of radio listening done only in cars, followed by new device adoption–how do you stay ahead of the curve? What’s in store for radio that will keep it moving forward in the next 12 months? What new skills and ideas are you bringing to the table to ensure success? A look into the crystal ball.


FIRESIDE CHAT – Some Of Radio & Music’s Most Powerful Women

There is no glass ceiling at these media companies, as these powerful executives have forged a successful path forward in a male-dominated business. Learn what drives them, what keeps them up at night and how they see radio and music’s future.


FEATURING: CAROLYN GILBERT – President, NUVOODOO and Leigh Jacobs, EVP/Perceptual Research, NUVOODOO 

MINI-KEYNOTE: NUVOODOO — Tapping Into Your Tribe: Unlocking Passion Beyond The Playlist

NUVOODOO shares new and unique information, including dozens of one-on-one interviews with deep heavies and likely ratings participants.  Learn how to better engage and connect with listeners, while remaining within the confines of 2019 budget reality. We’re bringing our years of data and experience to sharpen your understanding of how to play the Nielsen game to build ratings with a focus on what makes radio truly special.

MODERATED BY: TIM CLARKE – VP/Audience & Content For Radio, COX 

“Tackling The Elephant In The Room – Getting A Handle On Growing Spotloads”

It’s getting more obvious all the time that younger listeners, Millennials and Gen-Zs are leaving broadcast radio behind in favor of streaming services … who are for the most part interruption-free.  Will less commercials have an effect on ratings?  And can radio carve out a workable model with less spots? How is the experiment with this going in Seattle at both Entercom and Hubbard outlets? Both KNDD and KQMV in SEATTLE are running reduced spot loads – how’s that working out for ratings and revenue?

Three great bands, free flowing cocktails, beer & wine and delicious food — A must-attend!

(WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2019 registration required to attend)



RADIO RALLY POINT – The Strength of AM/FM on Full Display 

Launched in 2018, RADIO RALLY POINT celebrates the ongoing dominance of AM/FM radio with insights and inspiration from executives and thought leaders. Highlights from RADIO RALLY POINT will provide you with plenty of fact-based optimism as you work to drive radio forward.


RADIO FUTURECAST – “A Better Fan Strategy Is Needed” 

Every 60 seconds:*973,000 log in to Facebook *18 million texts are sent

Over 100 voice-first devices are shipped (and there are 1.1 million Tinder swipes)

This means bandwidth is slowly depleting and, social, mobile and now smart speakers are becoming entry points to your product. Learn how to create an overall fan/brand experience that keeps the audience captivated and interactive.”

The waiting is over!  Who goes home with that badass BENZTOWN IRON IMAGER AWARD belt?  Be there to find out!


VO/PRODUCTION & IMAGING SESSION: The Perfect Symphony – Imaging & Voiceover The Soul Of Your Station

Creativity is not taught. You either have it or you don’t. And when you don’t–that’s where our panelists come in to play. These uniques sit in a studio by themselves, day after day, transforming the way listeners perceive your radio station. Whether it’s by voice or the perfect marriage of sound effect and music–all of our panelists exemplify the true meaning of “talent”. Typical business hours don’t apply to them because they’re working 24/7; The creative soul never stops. And when the perfect mix of Imaging & Voiceover join forces, a radio station’s personality is born. See what makes them tick in another WWRS 2019 two-part panel.



Options for consumers to listen to music have increased exponentially. In this landmark study that will debut exclusively at the WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT, COLEMAN INSIGHTS will share with radio programmers exciting new data that will help them remain on top of American music tastes.

MODERATED BY: RALPH SIMON Founder & Chief Executive of Mobilium Global Ltd

THE YOUTUBE & STREAMING GENERATION “Curating Audio & Video Engagement For Millennials & Beyond” 

Streaming platforms are proliferating – APPLE MUSIC, SPOTIFY, PANDORA, SOUNDCLOUD, GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC, iHEARTRADIO, and AMAZON MUSIC are continuing to tap leading radio executives as they build out their programming agendas to compete against traditional radio; however, there is one element that is unique and the No.1 streaming, audio and visual platform worldwide – YouTube boasting 1.5 billion users a month! The concept of curation has not changed, even as generational groups have been inundated with new ways of consuming content via streaming, social media, apps, digital and other content experiences. Many radio stations have tapped into YouTube as another way to elevate their connection with their audiences and advertisers by creating additional visual, experiential and interactive content – whilst also being able to increase new revenue streams and audience. Our esteemed panel shares their experience and best practices with the world of YOUTUBE.

The excitement has been building for months!  From the nominations selected by you to the five finalists in 23 categories voted on by you, it’s the WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2019 “Industry Awards Luncheon” presented by MUSICMASTER – great food, music and fun as the best of the best from around the world and the US, accept their WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2019 “Industry Awards,” including a special SEAN DEMERY Independent Spirit Award to commemorate the life and spirit of SEAN DEMERY.  You can still vote for your faves, here!



PLAY US YOUR HITS – “The Next Big Playlist Hit” 

Attendees are geared up with the latest interactive, digital-dial from STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS RESEARCH, INC. As an audience member, you’ll use the wireless smart-dial to tell us how you “feel” about the new songs presented. After the audience hears the songs and gives us their emotional responses, we’ll take a look on the big screen, at how the group feels about each song and compare them to the panel’s opinions. We’ll even compare the opinions of Radio people to Label people as well as with research from SOUNDOUT, who will prepare data drawn from their technology for gauging the radio-friendliness of a song. It’s a fun, interactive, and a very visual way to see how in sync your opinions are with our panels.

WWRS 2019 has a very special session:


AIR TALENT – “Radio Stars: How To Get To The Top And Stay On Top”

If you are an aspiring star, want to maintain your star position, or just need to sharpen your tools, this panel is for you. Learn how the best-of-the-best connect with their listeners, create sticky content, master the art of the PPM/diary game, showcase their unique personalities through branding and imaging, and manage social media. Hear the secrets and strategies that took radio’s elite on-air entertainers to the top, and the challenges they face to stay there in the future. Look for more names and faces to be added, soon!

A couple of great bands, free flowing cocktails, beer & wine and delicious food — A must-attend!

(WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2019 registration required to attend)

Here’s a fast-paced look at the excitement that took place at WWRS 2018!


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