Assignment Statement

Students are asked to creatively express themselves in a technical formatted medium such as a blog. These should be available for public review but should include limitations of content to ensure privacy. Students will write a blog on something they themselves are passionate about that is long lasting and an on going theme. Suggested themes include religion, career, hobbies, curiosities, sports, psychology and the arts of expression. The theme should be easily conveyed to readers.

The student blog should be completed on a free blogging platform such as WordPress or Blogger. Live Journal is discouraged as it’s terms of service may limit the content in a discriminatory manner. Students are not expected to pay for hosting and are encouraged to use free sites available online such as WordPress.com. A domain name is not required for the student blog but are permitted.

Students are not permitted to integrate their social media accounts, use any personal information such as full name or home address and should not discuss other students on their blog. The use of a first name is allowed.

Images should not identify the student or other students. Students should include this assignment statement to inform readers of the blogs purpose and explain why no personal information will be made available.

Comments may be allowed on the blog to encourage the student but we recommend any replies to blog posts from a stranger be reviewed by the school or a parent/guardian prior to posting.

Students are encourage to form teams with other bloggers with similar themes. You may interact with each other and link between each others blogs.

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